Sunday, December 13, 2009



Kayla and Sarah have gone all day with no food, and both of these skinny girls are absolutely starving! They go to a huge all-you-can-eat buffet in the hotel they are staying in, and they both load up several big plates each of every kind of delicious food you could think of, including a whole bunch of desserts. They dig in, stuffing their mouths full of food and pigging out, not caring that a whole bunch of people are watching them totally pig out! They both start with very flat tummies, and as they eat more and more food, you get to watch their bellies get bigger and bigger. They decide to make a contest of it, to see who can eat more food, because they both think they can out-eat the other one. They both lift up their shirts as they start to get full, leaving their growing bellies exposed for you to see. You get some great under-the-table views of their swelling stomachs, as well as several other angles. Lots of nice close-ups of them chewing, and talking while they chew their food with their mouths open. They both egg each other on at times, pushing the other one to eat more. They eat soooooo much food, it is ridiculous. They get SO stuffed, and by the time they are both done, their stomachs are so swollen and bulging out, and they don't even care that everyone around them can see their bare pregnant looking tummies hanging out! It is absolutely amazing that girls who are this skinny were able to eat THAT MUCH FOOD!!! They are going to be miserable for hours after this, they are both stuffed so full that they look like they are going to explode all over the restaurant!


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