Saturday, January 2, 2010



Desi has been eating like a total pig all the time lately, and she has started noticing that she cannot zip or button any of her pants anymore, they are all becoming way too small for her. She wants to see just how much weight she has gained, so she tries on a bunch of different outfits that used to fit her just a month or two ago, and to her dismay, they are all WAY too small now!! Watch her struggle to even get her pants halfway up her thighs...her hips and ass have grown SO much that there is no way in hell she is going to get her pants up over them. You can see the clothes cutting into her extra fat as she yanks and pulls and struggles to get them on. She tries on pants, tops, skirts, shorts, and bra and underwear, and they are ALL way too small! She manages to get a couple of things all the way on but she is just bulging out of her clothing in so many places, there's no way she could actually wear any of it out in public. She talks about how much weight she has gained, trying to guess how many pounds she's gained, and talks about how she needs to get her big ass on the treadmill, she's just gotten too thick and fat. She gets more frustrated the more clothes she tries on, and she is all upset when she looks at the fat bulging out of the too-small clothes!


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