Monday, November 30, 2009



Petite little Tiffany is back, and she is STILL trying to gain some weight. She is only 95 pounds, and no matter what she eats (or overeats) she can't seem to pack on the pounds. This time she is craving for some sweets, so she decides to eat a dozen humongous cupcakes. Each one is piled high with rich chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles (there is seriously more frosting than there is cake on each one). Overeating this many cupcakes will surely make her gain a pound or two! She stuffs huge messy mouthfuls of the cupcakes into her mouth, swallowing them down with sugary Sprite and making a complete mess of her lips and fingers. She tries to suck the thick frosting off of her fingers, but only ends up making more of a mess of herself because her mouth is so full of chocolate too! She eats and eats and eats and you can watch her belly grow bigger and bigger with each huge cupcake she crams into her belly. It's amazing a girl this tiny can eat this many large cupcakes! When she is so stuffed that she can't fit any more of the rich chocolate into her belly, she begins to feel the effects of ALL that sugar she has just eaten. Her stomach starts to feel gross and she's feeling a little nauseous from eating all those sweets. And her once-flat little tummy now looks like it has a beach ball inside of's huge and bulging and round, and she pokes at it to show you how tightly it is packed full of food. She seriously couldn't possibly squeeze one more cupcake into that overly-full stomach. She is starting to feel horrible physically, but she keeps reminding herself that she is probably gaining weight from this huge binge, so that offers her a little bit of comfort.


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