Thursday, November 19, 2009

Penny does the gallon of milk challenge!!!

Penny decided she was up for the gallon of milk challenge! She chose to drink chocolate milk...that is actually one of her favorite things to drink. Watch her chug and chug and chug away, getting more bloated the more she gulps down the creamy sweet chocolate milk. Nice close-ups of her gulping, and her throat naturally makes an unusually loud gulping sound when she swallows. After she starts to feel really full and her stomach bloats WAY out, you get to see her belly very very close up, and it is starting to make all kinds of crazy loud gurgling, growling, and sloshing sounds! You can hear exactly what is going on with the insane amount of milk inside her stomach and intestines. When she's about halfway through the gallon, she starts feeling kinds gross, and slows down her drinking to allow the milk to settle into her belly and work its way through her insides. But it is just starting to churn and slosh and gurgle even more in there, and you can hear it very loudly and clearly! The more the milk churns in her belly, the more miserable she is starting to feel. She spends less and less time drinking and more and more time clutching and rubbing her huge swollen bloated belly, obviously having a very bad stomach ache. She starts getting cramps in different places in her belly....this poor girl is miserable! She drinks an incredible amount of milk before she decides that she just can't swallow one more gulp without throwing up. She sits there in misery, rubbing her poor miserable, loud, overactive stomach, and the sounds coming out of her belly are just amazing!!!

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